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  • Employers must look at the wider context in Facebook disciplinaries

    Rachel Billen

    In Smith v Trafford Housing Trust, Mr Smith brought a successful breach of contract claim following his demotion for posting personal opinions about gay marriage on Facebook. In the wider context, given the timing of the post and moderate words used, no reasonable reader would conclude that the opinions were those of the Trust or […]

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  • Cyber-bullying results in suicide

    Hayley Roberts

    It’s an increasingly problematic issue for schools, recently highlighted by the suicide of a 15 year old girl from Canada. Both pupils and staff have been victims of cyber-bullying through videos of teachers on YouTube, taunts on Facebook and nasty, anonymous texts and emails. Schools have a duty to protect pupils and staff from cyberbullying, […]

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  • Patent rights for social media

    Declan Cushley

    Yahoo!, in a recent meeting with Facebook, has demanded licensing fees for the use of 10-20 of their patents over technologies including advertising, newsfeed privacy controls, social networking and messaging and website personalisation. Following the recent patent wars in the smartphone and tablet sectors, should their demands not be met by Facebook, veteran Yahoo! would […]

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  • High Court rules that legal claims can be served via Facebook

    Steven Conway

    In the first case of its kind in the High Court, a judge has granted permission for proceedings to be served by Facebook. The case concerns a claim against a former employee of a firm of brokers alleged to have overcharged commission to clients. Proceedings were served at his last known address but not knowing […]

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  • Facebook admits privacy mistakes following US punishment

    Laura Mackenzie-Mitchell

    In yet another development in the debate on Facebook privacy settings, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced the imposition of various privacy requirements upon the company over the next 20 years. The initial complaint to the FTC mainly related to changes Facebook made in 2009 that allowed public access to content on pages […]

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  • Facebook F8: Media sites to tie-up with social networking

    Dave Drew

    Understandably, the annual Facebook F8 developer conference is about the best place to go to find out about the key trends in online social networking. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Facebook media sharing application which allows users to share music, TV and film from media sites such as Spotify. Facebook has clearly recognised […]

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  • Social media – its role in the riots

    Sara McNeill

    Its apparent that social media has been used extensively by those involved in the riots to organise and incite unrest. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has been the most popular method of communication with messages then being posted on social network sites like Twitter and Facebook to increase circulation. Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry and […]

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  • Freedom of speech can be distasteful

    Fiona Carter

    MPs, including David Cameron, roundly condemned tributes left on a Facebook group page dedicated to the gunman Raoul Moat and asked for the group, which also criticises the police, to be taken down. Whilst the offending page has now been taken down by its creator, Facebook themselves declined to do so on the grounds it encouraged […]

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  • Mandy the one man law-maker

    Mark Daniels

    The Digital Economy Bill continues to be a political hot potato as the government backtracks on key provisions following a wave of criticism. On this occasion, the issue making the headlines is the proposed “Clause 17”, a provision which would enable the Secretary of State, Lord Mandelson, to make amendments to the Copyright Designs and […]

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