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  • The cost of indecision

    Rachael Briggs

    The deadline for compliance with new tobacco display rules of 6 April 2012 is fast approaching. The BRC have recently reported that “retailers have been forced to spend an estimated £15.6 million installing new units to keep cigarettes hidden from view even though the Government is still considering the possibility of plain packaging for tobacco […]

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  • ‘Cheap chic’ retailers bring welcome smile to high street

    Suki Tonks

    It is somewhat of a relief, considering the doom and gloom predicted by the industry experts, that we have only seen a handful of major high street retailers going into administration since the December 2011 quarter. Whilst the shareholders and employees of La Senza, Blacks, Pastimes, Peacocks and now Pumpkin Patch may not share our […]

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  • Why landlords might benefit from monthly rents

    Kirsty Black

    Pumpkin Patch is the latest retailer to go into administration. The administrators have said that they will continue to trade the relevant stores whilst they look for a buyer. If a company in administration retains premises for the benefit of creditors, the administrator must treat the rent that falls due under the lease during the […]

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  • Mitigate don’t litigate

    Gemma Steele

    All Claimants have a duty to mitigate their loss for the purpose of claiming compensation in the Employment Tribunal. But how far does this duty go when offered redeployment by their employer? In the case of Debique v Ministry of Defence the Claimant succeeded in her claim for indirect race and sex discrimination. However the […]

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  • Can I fire the rioter on my payroll?

    Peter Jones

    As details of those involved in the recent rioting start to emerge, some employers might decide they no longer want to employ those who are implicated in criminal activity particularly where their identities have been revealed in the press. Whether you can dismiss an employee involved in the rioting will depend on whether you can […]

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  • Groceries Code Adjudicator – why are we still waiting?

    Fiona Carter

    The BIS Committee tasked with scrutinising the draft Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill today published its report “Time to bring in the referee?”. The report confirms the need for an Adjudicator but suggests various changes to the Bill, namely: the power to impose fines from the outset, as opposed to having the power only to “name […]

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  • Proposal for minimum alcohol prices

    Fiona Carter

    The Government has revealed plans to set minimum alcohol price levels in England and Wales. The ban, on the sale of alcohol below the rate of duty plus VAT, will see a minimum price of 38p for a can of lager and £10.71 for a litre of vodka. This move is almost certainly not going […]

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  • The VAT rise, a rock and a hard place

    Fiona Carter

    As we all know and have no doubt complained about at some point the rate of VAT increased on 4 January 2011 from 17.5% to 20.0%. Although it will increase their expenditure, this might not deter consumers from most small purchases. For example if an item costs £100, the raise only equates to a £2.13 […]

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